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Current Corsair Boats include the Sprint 750, Dash 750, Corsair 28,
Corsair 31, Cruz 970 & Pulse 600. 
The 28 and 31 both come in aft cockpit or aft cabin designs.

Corsair Trimarans are versatile, exciting and offer superb performance for racing and cruising with the family. They also feature unique trailerability (trailer to sailing in 30 minutes), shallow draft and uncompromised comfort and safety. All of The Multihull Source team members own and race Corsair trimarans - no other dealer can offer more knowledge about all the different models.

Since 1986 Corsair Marine has built over 1700 trailerable trimarans, including the 750's,  24s, F-27, Corsair 28, Corsair 31 and the Corsair 36 & 37. Corsairs evolved from Ian Farrier's original folding trimaran, the Trailertri 18, launched in Australia in 1974. Prominent features of the Corsair tri include: efficient design, ample accommodation, superb construction and engineering, planing hull configuration, high-buoyancy, incredible stability and minimal heel. Built to be strong and light, Corsair Trimarans incorporate state-of-the-art aerospace composite technology.

The ease of trailerability is one of the hallmarks of the Corsair line. The exclusive Farrier Folding System enables the overall beam of the boat to be reduced to a mere 8'-2" (2.5 M) without loss of structural strength or on-the-water stability. Proven reliability and ease of use have made this the most practical multihull folding system for twenty-five years.

Corsairs also feature highly efficient fractional rigs with clear anodized aluminum spars and rugged stainless steel standing rigging. High-tech, light-weight carbon fiber wing-masts are standard on the Corsair 37. Many Corsair boats have roller furling booms that make mainsail furling, reefing and stowage especially easy. All models except the 37 have custom mast steps to facilitate easy single-handed mast raising using the trailer winch. The Multihull Source currently offers all Corsair Marine's models in its new-boat fleet. For more information, visit


Morrelli & Melvin have designed Gunboat luxury sailing catamarans
blending racing performance with the the finest level of comfort and amenties.





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            1250                 1160 Deluxe               1160 Lite                  1000XL2

New Catamaran Design: 1190 Sport


With The Multihull Source's pre ordered 1190 Sport already under construction, you can expect to see this 39 foot performance cruising catamaran sailing off the shores of New England as early as June, 2016. Building of the incredible strength and popularity of the 1160 range, this larger, lighter model has been designed as a true offshore cruising catamaran. With the addition of high aspect daggerboard and retractable rudder packaged with a full wardrobe of performance sails this sports cruiser is going to be hard to beat.


The new Nigel Iren's design SeaRail 19 has arrived in North America!

The SR-19 is an exciting, affordable, light-weight, trailerable trimaran built to cater to a wide rangel of sailors.  Whether it's day saling with your family, resort sailing or camper sailing, the SeaRail 19 is an ideal leisure trimaran. However, If you have the need for speed try sailing this tri competitively with either friends or single handed.  The SR-19 can be transferred from trailer to water or vice versa, ready to sail, in just 15 minutes!





The WETA trimaran is a great performing 4.4 m or 14'5" triamaran. Only a WETA can be sailed with one, two or three sails blazing by one, two or three people!

No wonder it was Boat of the Year in 2010!

Composite foam sandwich hulls with Carbon spars and beams make this little trimaran as robust as it is versatile. A trimarans legendary forgiving nature means that anyone can jump on the Weta and immediately feel confident.

Lightweight and simple, the WETA can be rigged and beach launched by a single person in 20 minutes. When it's time to go, the WETA packs down to the footprint of a Laser on it's custom fit, lightweight dolly.

For information, visit


PAK BOATSpuffin-kayak-12

We introduced these boats to Corsair owners as the lightest weight most fun tenders they could find; they also easily stow on board.

We feel the Pak Boat is the ideal folding kayak for fun light weight transportation on your boat if you are looking to keep weight down and save space. Canoes and kayaks that you can pack for travel are generally folding or inflatable. Both have their special advantages, and Pakboats combine the best features of both. In each Pakboat, a complete aluminum frame provides efficient lines and rigidity, while inflatable tubes provide tensioning and flotation. The combination of frame and inflatable tubes make a much more compact structure than air alone, and a Pakboat has much more interior space than a similar size inflatable canoe or kayak. The unique Pakboats structures are also much lighter and pack smaller. Similar size inflatables weigh about 50% more than a Pakboat. Visit and call us to order your boat.



The WindRider Trimarans let anyone enjoy the thrill of performance sailing. Simple to assemble and rig, it's also exceptionally easy to sail. The Windrider 17 is an incredibly easy boat to sail that is all but impossible to capsize. The two cockpits make for fun double handed sailing. Once you're seated in WindRider's comfortable, enclosed cockpit, you'll find simple, intuitive controls: foot pedals for steering (tiller extensions are optional) and a mainsail sheet. You're free to sit back and watch the world rush by. The orginal Windrider 16 is do to make a come back this next season.

Windrider is under new management for 2010 and we look forward to a resurgance of this incredibly durable and fun trimaran. For information, visit


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